Why do we (men) love women's lingerie during sex?

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Typically we of the male persuasion don't like lingerie during sex…now before sex, that's different. Lingerie is kind of like the wrapping paper on a present. Do you like presents? Of course you do. Presents are awesome, but better when wrapped. The male mind is constantly taking mental snapshots of any given sexual experience and, lingerie heightens this experience. Of course we are aware that ladies don't naturally wear this kind of extravagant lace and satin under their clothes.

…well some do.

It's all about the mind, which incidentally, is the largest sex organ humans have. Fuel the mind and the fire in the bikini zone burns bright. Lingerie not only makes an ordinary naked body look fantastic, but the knowledge that this thin piece of material is all that separates your boner from her lady parts is wonderfully erotic and exotic, which is why lingerie is such a popular gift for the special lady in your life.

  • Let's not delude ourselves, however. Lingerie is never a gift for her, it's a gift we give to ourselves for her to keep, wash, and wear occasionally before driving her to pound town.

Naturally since everyone is different, and we all have our own particular brand, niche, nuance, or flavor of kink; so is there every conceivable type and style of lingerie. Like any good meal, lingerie is a spice. It enhances what is already there and puts more “uh” in your “umph”. Some men like it, some men love it, some are indifferent towards it, and some men like to wear it for themselves….and there's nothing wrong with that.

…just make sure your girl is cool with you wearing her lingerie (if your into that sorta thing).