How to Trade in Pokemon Go

How to Trade in Pokemon Go: A Step-by-Step Guide

Trading has been a fundamental aspect of the Pokemon franchise since its inception, allowing players to exchange Pokemon and complete their collections. In Pokemon Go, this feature has been brought to life in a whole new way, enabling players to trade Pokemon they've caught in the real world. If you're eager to start trading and want to know how it works, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process.

1. Reach the Required Level

Before you can start trading in Pokemon Go, you need to reach a certain level. Initially, the trading feature is unlocked at level 10. However, as the game evolves, the level requirement may change. Make sure to check the latest updates to confirm the level needed for trading.

2. Find a Trading Partner

Once you've reached the required level, you'll need to find a trading partner. Pokemon Go allows you to trade with any player within close proximity, typically within 100 meters. You can trade with friends, family, or other players you meet while playing the game.

3. Initiate the Trade

To initiate a trade, both players need to be in the same location and have their Pokemon Go apps open. Tap on the nearby player's avatar on your screen to open their profile. Then, select the "Trade" option to start the process.

4. Select the Pokemon to Trade

After initiating the trade, you'll be prompted to select the Pokemon you want to offer. You can choose from any of the Pokemon you've caught and are currently in your collection. Remember, some Pokemon may have special trade restrictions, so make sure you're aware of any limitations before offering them.

5. Confirm the Trade

Once you've selected the Pokemon you want to trade, confirm your choice and wait for your trading partner to do the same. Both players need to confirm their selections before the trade can proceed.

6. Complete the Trade

After both players have confirmed their selections, the trade will be completed. You'll receive the Pokemon your trading partner offered, and they'll receive the Pokemon you offered. Make sure to double-check that you're happy with the trade before finalizing it.

7. Consider the Trade Costs

It's important to note that trading in Pokemon Go may come with additional costs. Depending on the rarity and type of Pokemon being traded, you may need to spend in-game resources or real-world currency to complete the trade. Always be mindful of these costs before agreeing to a trade.

In conclusion, trading in Pokemon Go is a fun and exciting way to expand your Pokemon collection and connect with other players. By following these steps and being mindful of the trade costs, you can successfully trade Pokemon and enjoy this unique aspect of the game. So, grab your phone, find a trading partner, and start trading today!

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