How to Get Your Pokemon Cards Graded

How to Get Your Pokemon Cards Graded: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you're a Pokemon collector, chances are you have some valuable cards tucked away in your collection. But how do you know if they're worth anything? And how can you ensure their condition is preserved for future generations? The answer lies in grading your Pokemon cards. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to get your Pokemon cards graded.

1. Understanding Pokemon Card Grading

Pokemon card grading is the process of assessing a card's condition and assigning it a grade based on its quality. This grade determines the card's value and rarity. Grades range from 1 (poor) to 10 (perfect).

2. Choosing a Grading Company

There are several professional grading companies that offer Pokemon card grading services. Popular options include Beckett Grading Services (BGS), Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), and Charizard Grading Service (CGS). Each company has its own grading standards and fees, so it's important to research which one best suits your needs.

3. Preparing Your Cards for Grading

Before sending your cards for grading, they need to be in pristine condition. This means cleaning them gently with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or fingerprints. Avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents as they may damage the cards.

4. Submitting Your Cards

Once your cards are ready, it's time to submit them to the grading company. You'll need to fill out a submission form, provide payment for the grading fee, and securely package your cards. It's recommended to use a tracking service to ensure your package arrives safely.

5. Waiting for the Results

Once your cards are received by the grading company, they'll be evaluated by experienced graders. The grading process can take several weeks to months, depending on the company's workload. During this time, you can track the status of your submission online.

6. Receiving Your Graded Cards

Once your cards have been graded, you'll receive them back in a secure holder with the assigned grade clearly displayed. This holder protects the card from damage and preserves its value.

7. Maintaining Your Graded Cards

Now that your cards are graded, it's essential to maintain their condition. Avoid handling them unnecessarily and store them in a safe, climate-controlled environment. Consider investing in a graded card display case to show off your valuable finds.

In conclusion, Pokemon card grading is a great way to preserve the condition of your collection and ensure its value for future generations. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently submit your cards for grading and enjoy the fruits of your hard work and dedication as a collector.

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