You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important

I can't even begin to describe the emotional roller coaster I had last week. Between work and home I was an utter mess. Without getting into too much detail I was pulled in so many directions without time to think things through. I consider myself one of the strongest people I know, but at the same time I compromise my thoughts and feeling and become weak to those who put pressure on me.
What I love about blogging is that I am able to share with you my journey, and all the ups and downs associated with life hoping my experiences can reach out to those who feel the same way. Friday was a mess to say the least, and I finished the day off with crying....lots of crying. Feeling ashamed with how weak I felt I went to Todd's school to steal him out of clinic for a big hug to take some of my worries away. Once Todd took me upstair to his suite he immediately looked down at my distressed jeans, and told me to go in the bathroom to fix my garment that was showing through the holes.  I went in the bathroom, and cried harder than I have all day. The last thing I needed was to be nit picked on modesty when I have already been nit picked for a whole week. I calmed down a bit, and left the bathroom where Todd saw how much of a mess I was. He took me outside, and finally hugged me to apologize for his comments. I needed this hug. I needed it all week.
I left Todd at clinic to finish his day, and eventually made it back home. Once I got home I went and prayed to Heavenly Father for guidance, calmness, and strength. I climbed into bed and looked through my journal to give me inspiration. While looking through my past entries I came across a quote a wrote from the movie "The Help."
"You is kind, you is smart, you is important."
It may sound so stupid that I wrote down this quote in my journal, but it brought me comfort then and has brought me comfort now. For some reason this quote resonated deep within me, and gives me a constant reminder that I am stronger than I think. Each day is a trial, and it's our job to grow constantly as time progresses, and rise above all to become a better stronger person.