Why You Need Linen Pants For Summer

Summer tends to be the season when you are out and about enjoying the beautiful weather, and doing summer fun activities. I'm sure we can all relate that no one wants to be running around in the 100 degree weather in those thick, hot, sticky jeans. Yes I am a HUGE jean gal, but when the temperature skyrockets I'm either running for the dresses, skirts, or my favorite linen pants.
Linen pants are such a game changer because A) it feels like you are wearing nothing, B) don't cling, C) they are the sweatpants of summer, and D) are the easiest throw-and-go look. Pair them with a tank or a tee for an everyday look or a crop top for when tour hitting those tropical beaches.
I got these pants a few years ago, and since they are such a staple Nordstrom keeps restocking them. Recently I wore them with a simple white tank and denim jacket for an easy errand day look.
What do you think of linen pants?

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