Why I’m Looking Forward to the Next Few Months

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I can’t explain the feeling but ever since I returned from Paris I’ve felt this sense of excitement in the air. Maybe it was the cooler temperatures I returned home to but I’ve had this pep in my step as I look towards the next few months.
Oversized Sweater I wit & whimsy
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Fall Neutrals I wit & whimsy
Fall Neutrals I wit & whimsy
Fall Neutrals I wit & whimsy
You guys know by now that I live for Fall and this past week’s trip up to The Catskills really put me in the mood for more coziness this season. I still have several items to tick off my Fall bucket list but I’ve made good progress so far.
There’s so much I’m looking forward to in the next few months including:
  • One of my BFFs from college is visiting in early November and I can’t wait to show her my neighborhood and soak up the Fall colors of Central Park and do things like The Top of the Rock.
  • I’m heading to Chicago for Thanksgiving! My family hasn’t done Thanksgiving in Chicago in at least four years (maybe five?) and I can’t wait to go to my old hometown and also spend some time in the city catching up with friends.
  • I *may* have a trip to California in the cards end of next month which would be such a pleasant last minute addition.
  • The holidays in New York! Anyone that knows me well knows how much I live for the holiday season in the city. It never gets old and the city is electric. (My favorite holiday pasttimes can be found in this post.)
  • The BBMak reunion concert that has my teenage self SO excited. I am dragging my brother with me – ha!
  • Finishing BBG! I restarted Week 10 this week after taking time off while I was in Paris but I have just Weeks 10, 11 and 12 left. I have been so pleased with the results and am so proud of all the dedication I’ve shown over 5 weeks of beginner workouts and then nearly 12 weeks of the training workouts. (More on my BBG experience here.)
  • Another Upstate weekend. I’m heading to a friend’s house in the Hudson Valley and can’t wait because Upstate weekends I’ve decided are good for the soul.
  • The season of cozy! I love when the candles come back out, the cups of tea become the norm and blankets go on beds and the couch.
  • I’m seeing a Best of Broadway concert by The New York Pops with Carly next month. I love Broadway.
  • Another Christmas in Colorado! It’s always some of my favorite 10 days of the year.
What are you guys excited about in the coming months?
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p.s. what I’d put in my Fall capsule wardrobe and French influenced Fall clothing.

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