why every mom should have a signature scent.

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A little while back I ran out of my favorite perfume.  Since Valentine’s day was a few weeks away, I made sure to subtly let Craig know and luckily he got the hint, cause on lover’s day there was a pretty box with a brand new bottle of perfume waiting for me.  The next morning after I finished getting ready, I spritzed myself and then went to wake up Ava.  She wrapped her little arms around me, sunk her face into my neck, took a big deep breath and said, "Mmmm, you smell like you again, mom."

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When I was little my favorite smell in the whole world was my mom.  She always wore the same perfume, White Shoulders, nothing fancy, but it smelled so pretty on her, and when I gave her a hug I felt safe and loved.  Her smell was always home.

I think smell evokes some of our most powerful sensory experiences and for me, it has always been a source of great nostalgia.

This is why I think every mother should have a signature scent.  Something her children can associate with her, that can call up happy childhood memories and the feeling of being loved and accepted later in life.  Your smell becomes home to them.  Isn’t that the loveliest thought?

I also think a signature scent can be a source of great joy for ourselves.  I like smelling pretty, it makes me feel finished and put together, and it helps me remember who I am and who I want to be every day.

So how do you find your signature scent?  Mostly, experiment.  You can head to the perfume counter at your local store, and try a bunch.  If you smell someone who’s wearing something you love, just politely ask them what they are wearing.  Experiment with scents that you love, make sure they’re something that you can stand to wear/smell day in and day out.

I’ve been wearing Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel for 9 years, and it’s my absolute favorite.  It smells amazing and it’s a classic scent that lasts all day.  I first discovered it when my sister came to visit me while we were living in Arizona, I smelled it on her and fell in love.  She let me use it the whole time she was visiting.  Craig bought me a bottle for Mother’s day a few weeks later and I’ve been wearing it ever since.

When you’re deciding on your signature scent, I would recommend investing in a good high-quality perfume.  The bottles last much longer, and I’ve found the scents to be a little more elegant.  I always get compliments on my perfume (like literally strangers will stop and ask me about it) and a little goes a long way, so while the bottle is a bit of an investment, it lasts a very long time.

Here are a few more of my favorites (can you tell I love Chanel?):

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Do you have a signature scent?  If you do, what is it?

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