Who Runs The World?

Sharing something a little different today and I could not be more excited! The last time the four of us got together, we went to Yankee stadium and rather than making it a typical night at the ballpark, we wanted to have a little fun with it!
To be quite honest, as much as I love working for myself and the perks that it comes with (mainly, spending more time with Nate), I do miss the office/collaborative work environment. By nature, I’m a people person and I thrive off being in an environment where I’m surrounded by creative types. When you work for yourself and often, by yourself, you tend to fall into a certain head-space. I almost forgot how much I missed collaborating, brainstorming and getting my creative juices flowing.
When the four of us were on our way to the game, we all agreed that it was that aspect that we missed most. So, a couple of cocktails and conversations later, we found ourselves in Soho at 7:30AM, decked out in Carolina Herrera.
A little backstory: I thought I wasn’t going to be able to participate in this shoot. Before we shot these photos, a couple of days before, the group went to Carolina Herrera to pull some dresses. I didn’t have anyone to watch Nate that day, so I told them that I’d pick a dress based on images they’d text over. As soon as I saw this grown on Sai, I was like "THIS IS THE WINNER!" She took it back to her office and I had Keith pick it up on his way home from work. As soon as I tried it on, I was like, "Nope. This is absolutely not fitting!" I struggled, I attempted to have Keith help me, but nothing was working. We were meeting bright and early the very next day, so there wasn’t any time to swap out for another option. I sent a group message to our chat and sadly wrote "guys, I don’t think I can participate. The dress literally will not close." In unison, they all wrote back "NO Helena, we will make this work!"
Fashion tape, a leather jacket and with the help of these fabulous ladies, we made it work! No one would be the wiser, but I just had to share the story!

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