White, tan & turquoise

There’s no feeling quite like opening a pair of brand new shoes. The oo’s, aa’s and immediate snapchats to your best friend… all part of the pom and circumstance of welcoming a new pair into you wardrobe! I came across this set a little over a week ago, and did all of the above without even having them in my possession. That, my friends, is when you know it’s meant to be. The rich, tan shade, tassel touch and bow back? Practically perfect in every way.
What’s better than spotting your new favorite pair of sole sisters online? Receiving them in the mail to find out they’re just as gorgeous in person, and comfortable to boot! I love that you can style them in a few different ways… wear the bow at the back, like I did in the images above, or tie all the way around your ankle into a pretty knot. Two different, darling looks in one shoe. This is one pair I can’t wait to wear out this spring and summer!
Speaking of spring and summer, the weather gave me no choice but to break the "no white before memorial day" rule in the most extreme of ways with this white button down + skirt combination! And you know what… I couldn’t love it more. In fact, this is my official heads up that more warm-weather looks will be heading your way soon!
I am so, so giddily excited, because tonight I’m hoping on a plane to visit one of my very best friends. Where am I headed? Be sure you’re following along on Instagram and Snapchat (LonestarSnaps) to see!
Love from Texas,

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