White Jeans After Labor Day Outfit

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I’ve never been a follower of the rule ‘no white after Labor Day’ – are you? I honestly think living in the Sunbelt/South means you can totally blow off the no white after Labor Day rule, considering it’s still hot until at least mid-October! So today, I’m breaking the rules and sharing a white jeans after Labor Day outfit idea and sharing why I don’t follow that silly fashion faux-pas.
Tee (on sale!) // Jeans // Sandals // Bag // Hermes Belt // Sunglasses // Earrings c/o // Watch // Large cuff bracelet // Small cuff bracelet
White jeans pretty much live in my wardrobe rotation from April to mid-November. I’ve been known to wear them in a winter white ensemble on occasion, but I usually give them a rest for a good four months out of the year. But those other eight months, you bet you’ll be seeing me wear the heck out of my trusty white denim.
My grandmother, who was more traditional when it came to dressing, even always said that she didn’t have a problem with white denim or pants after the summer, because it always remained hot for so many weeks following Labor Day here in Texas. To me, as long as it’s above 75 degrees, you’ve got every right to wear a white jeans after Labor Day outfit!
This pair of trusty white denim, has been my go-to all summer long (reference previous outfit posts here and here). For once J.Crew made denim that has a shorter inseam for us petite gals and I’m all raves. Paired with a casual tee like above or a camisole and a blazer later this month, white jeans truly stand the test of time and remain a timeless classic in my wardrobe.
So, just because summer is unofficially over, doesn’t mean I’m putting my white denim/shorts/pants/skirts in storage. I’ll be wearing them through the month and into October, because fashion rules were meant to be broken!

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