White and Black Plaid Top

White and Black Plaid Top

White and Black Plaid Top by Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist
This white and black plaid top was a find on Zappos. I love having this print in neutral colors as opposed to the typical color palettes of red, green, or blue. Read on to see why this plaid neutral top will work in any season.
Layering a black leather jacket over a white and black plaid top. Vince Camuto Extend Shoulder Highland Notch Collar Wrap Blouse from Zappos A casual chic look featuring a plaid neutral top, skinny jeans, and suede slouchy booties. Found the perfect plaid top to wear in any season.

A Plaid for All Seasons

While I was preparing for my trip last month to California, I decided I needed a couple of lightweight tops to layer with. The temps were in the upper 70’s during the day and lower 50’s at night in Sonoma. This white and black plaid top popped up and I knew I had found a winner.
First off, white and black works in every season. Second, the crossover detail in the front and the longer back are extremely flattering. Thirdly, you can layer over or underneath depending on the chill factor. Yes, this is the perfect top.
When we shot this look, it’s wasn’t that cool yet so I decided wear nothing underneath. When winter hits, I will add my sheer long sleeve tee. This top will look fabulous with a black blazer as well for work. If you like its style, Zappos has it in several different colors. Click here and here to see the options.

Nordstrom – Best Retailer Ever

One sad consequence of this shoot was the broken heel of one these gorgeous Stuart Weitzman boots. I bought them at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale two years ago. I haven’t worn them a lot because of the light suede color. As Melissa and I were walking back to the house, the heel of one the boots gave way and literally cracked in half. I was so disappointed because I paid a pretty penny for them.
I took the boots to my shoe guy and he told me there was no fixing them. He recommended that I bring them back to Nordstrom for a refund. Since they were bought so long ago, I didn’t think they would take them back. Well, lo and behold, they did take them back and gave me a full refund. Even after two years and wearing them! Nordstrom is a class act and I will always shop there first with my clients.
In these days of terrible customer service, I think it’s really important to recognize a company that goes the extra distance for their customers. Thank you Nordstrom!
Enjoy your week! XO

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