Which Version Do You Prefer?

7 For All Mankind Brown Suede Moto Jacket
7 For All Mankind Brown Suede Moto Jacket
Suede Jacket: 7 For All Mankind via Off Saks (wearing a small) | Sweater: JOA | Denim: Levis | Shoes: Aquazzura | Belt: Gucci | Handbag: Ralph Lauren Polo ℅
Some of you might notice that in two out of the three photos, I have a belt on. Normally, the details of my outfit will be consistent throughout all of my photos, but this time around, I wanted to share both versions.
In all of my years of blogging, this sort of thing happens quite often. I’ll get dressed, look in the mirror and mentally confirm that everything flows together. Once we start shooting, a few minutes in, I’ll look at the photos and analyze whether I’m happy with how everything is looking. It’s funny, because there are times, and it happens quite often, where I’ll be satisfied with my reflection, but then I’ll see the photo and something feels off. It can be something as little as the way my pants are cuffed or wearing a necklace (or not) and in this case, the addition of a belt.
On the day that we shot these photos, I was going back and forth between which version I liked better. Ultimately, *I think* I prefer the simplicity without the belt. It just seems to work together better. Maybe the cognac of the brown and the black of the belt is kind of throwing me off, but then I asked my good friend and she preferred the belted version.  How about you guys? Which version do you prefer?
Situations like this have also made me learn my lesson that sometimes, a mirror reflection can be deceiving. Have any of you seen a picture of yourself and thought "Oh no! I could have sworn my outfit worked when I looked in the mirror!" Don’t you hate when that happens?  I’m not sure why that is, but it happens to the best of us. On nights that we’re going out or heading to an event (even when I’m NOT shooting my outfit), I’ll ask Keith to snap a photo to analyze how my outfit looks. If he’s not around, I’ll snap a selfie in the mirror! It’s been a helpful trick!

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