What You’ll Always Find in my Handbag

brahmin handbag
Have you ever been curious about what someone carries in their handbag? I find it so funny that we’re all pretty interested in taking peeks inside people’s lives. I know I’m always glued in when someone share’s what’s in their shopping or grocery cart or pantry, and the same goes for behind-the-scene looks at just about anything. We’re all pretty fascinated in ordinary things when it comes down to it – probably just as a way to connect to others.
With that, I’ve always loved series when women share what’s in her handbag. I think it was Cosmo [?] who used to do a feature at the end of the magazine where the cover celeb would reveal her bag & what was inside. Anyways, when Brahmin reached out about collaborating to showcase their holiday bag, I knew that I wanted to show the bag AND contents right away. This bag, the Caroline, is incredible for several reasons, one being the sheer usability. While the photos might not do the size justice, it’s incredibly roomy inside and has plenty of pockets and areas for all your essentials.
brahmin holiday collection handbag
Now, let’s talk about the finishes. She comes in an array of textures and colors, and naturally, I opted for this pretty plum and gold metallic option called ‘Port’. I will say, the ‘Flurry’ [a light snakeskin] and classic tan ‘Rum’ also caught my eye. Look how gorgeous it is:
Personally, Brahmin will forever hold a special place in my heart because the brand reminds me of my mom. Like mother like daughter, my momma was a sucker for a good bag, and most of the time, Brahmin was her top choice. It’s amazing to see the lasting power of not only the brand but their products, and it’s no wonder they’ve been a legendary brand for decades.
brahmin holiday collection handbagbrahmin holiday collection handbagbrahmin holiday collection handbag
I recommend checking out their Holiday Collection for a mix of quality and seasonal spice. And because who doesn’t love a beautiful handbag, I’d definitely check out their Gift Guide section of their site. They make for an amazing gift for your own mom, sister, best friend, or mother-in-law [and not to mention their handsome assortment of duffle and travel bags for dads, brothers, or guys in your life].
Now that I’ve shared my love for Brahmin and this holiday bag of choice, let’s chat about what’s inside. You can find this list in my different bags as I swap ones in and out. These are definitely my on-the-go staples.
WALLET: We all have one of these in our purses, don’t we? Brahmin has a beautiful array of options if you’re looking for a new one for yourself or for a loved one this holiday season. If you want one that matches this purse, I love this one.
SUNGLASSES: Currently, you’ll find either these or these handy.
CLEAR POUCH: This pouch holds a bunch of necessities: a few lip colors, lip glosses, a pen, tampons, tissues, a small travel toothbrush and toothpaste [#Invisalign problems], dental floss and a small tube of ibuprofen for those impromptu headaches. This thing holds a TON of stuff and keeps my handbag really clean and tidy. The sheerness of it makes it a breeze when digging around for something.
What’s inside YOUR bag? I’d love to hear! xo.

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