What to Wear to a Holiday Party

What to Wear to a Holiday Party

This time of year, the question always rolls around… What do I wear to a Holiday Party? Do you dress up? Throw some sequins in the mix? Keep it classic? Dress for warmth? There’s no right or wrong answer as long as you feel confident and comfortable, but why not go for it and have a little bit of fun! Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to put away the jeans and get a little dressed up? I ended up going down a very deep internet hole, searching high and low for the best holiday party looks —- I still love the look of a classic jumpsuit— when in doubt, go the chic route. It’s safe and you’ll definitely break out your classic pieces year after year. If you’re feeling a little festive, have some fun with a textured or colorful look. Whether you’re going to a friends’ for a holiday soiree or have big plans for a festive night out —- here are some of my favorite holiday finds to wear to from Christmas to New Years xx


From chic and black to colorful and flirty — These are always great when you want to elevate your everyday style. If you’re unsure about the attire, stick to this staple. They’re extremely comfortable if there’s a bit of dinner and dancing involved and a little warmer if your worried about the weather!


A bit more flirty — can easily be paired with tights if temps are too cold! I just bought this RIXO dress for New Years and love SO many of these fun options.


If you night calls for something a bit more casual and you want to wear an elevated holiday-ready top, here are some of my favorites… to be dressed up or down!


Because you need something holiday appropriate to hold all of the essentials!


These can make or break your whole outfit! I included mostly classics, and a variety of open and closed toed options, depending on where the night’s taking you!


I’m not the biggest over-the-top statement jewelry girl, but the holidays bring out the best earrings! Whether you’re wearing a jumpsuit, dress, sweater, or top – a pair of beautiful earrings always pulls every holiday look together!

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