What to Do in Paris in Autumn

What to do in Paris in Autumn I wit & whimsy
In my opinion, Paris is magical anytime of year but given how much I enjoy the season of Fall, I am partial to Autumn in Paris. A trip to Paris in Fall means you’ll often be blessed with beautiful weather, less tourists and a quieter, slower pace than Spring & Summer offer. For me, strolling through Paris during the Autumn months offers an even more idyllic, cozy and romantic feeling than any other time of year.
What to do in Paris in Autumn I wit & whimsy
What to do in Paris in Autumn I wit & whimsy
What to do in Paris in Autumn I wit & whimsy
What to do in Paris in Autumn I wit & whimsy
So, what should you do in Paris in Autumn? I’ve got you covered.

What to do in Paris in Autumn:

Visit the Parks.

Parisian parks are always a favorite way to spend my time when in the city of lights but particularly in Fall when the leaves have started to turn and the groundskeepers have installed beautiful florals in seasonal colors.

Museum hop.

If you plan to visit the Rodin Museum and the D’Orsay, be sure to get their bundled ticket for 21 Euros for admission to both. You can buy it online in advance and once printed, you’ll be able to use the line for ticket holders at the Musee d’Orsay which can be a huge time saver. The Rodin museum is wonderful year round but I enjoy the gardens in the Autumn as well.

Drink the Beaujolais Nouveau.

Every November, the French celebrate the release of the "Beaujolais nouveau" wine. It is consumed immediately after harvesting and is beloved for its affordable price tag and easy drinkability. Nouveau is different to almost every other French wine.

Take a cooking class.

On a day where the weather may be less than stellar, head indoors to my favorite cooking school in Paris: La Cuisine Paris.  Their croissant class is particularly good in the Fall but you can’t go wrong with whichever class you take. (And if you can’t get to Paris, take one of their online courses!)

Go on a self-guided coffee tour.

Paris coffee culture has much improved over the years and there are so many spots you can get cozy at over a good cup of coffee. Here are some of my favorite coffee shops in Paris.

Enjoy café culture.

My favorite pastime in Paris is to take a good book to a café and just sit outside enjoying a glass of wine or a coffee while reading and people watching. I get chills thinking about the joy this brings me. Better yet? Put your phone on airplane mode and totally tune out.

Indulge in hot chocolate.

No better time to drink thick, creamy French chocolat chaud than in Fall (and of course, Winter). I love the hot chocolate at the famed Angelina but also at Laduree (whose ambiance I prefer. Their Saint Germain location is my favorite).

Visit Versailles.

You’ll be greeted by far less tourists and the weather should allow you to still enjoy both the palace interiors and the spectacular gardens.

Tour the Palais Garnier.

Home to the Paris Opera, this stunning building is worth a tour. Be sure to pop by nearby Galeries Lafayette Gourmet afterwards for a delicious treat.

Wander Montmartre.

I love Montmartre in the Fall because so many of the homes and buildings are covered in leaves that begin to change creating a scene that feels out of a movie set. It’s utterly cozy and romantic to wander its streets during Autumn. If you happen to be in Paris in early October, you may get lucky and be able to visit the Fête des Vendanges – an annual grape harvest festival.

Visit The Catacombs.

One of Paris’ spookiest spots, The Catacombs holds the history of many Parisians. Head underground and get a dose of fright in the city’s underground maze of stories known and unknown.


There’s no better city on earth to stroll with no real destination in mind than Paris and Autumn is a particularly beautiful time of year to do it. You’ll take in the city’s many sights but also see it as the colors change and as businesses embrace seasonal decor.

Take in some jazz.

For any Paris, Perfected clients going to Paris in October, I always recommend Jazz Sur Seine. It’s an annual festival usually over two weeks with loads of jazz shows at venues all over the city. Doesn’t get much better than a crisp night with cool jazz spreading over the city of Paris.
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You’ll be hard pressed to make any wrong decisions when it comes to spending your time in Paris in Autumn but these are certainly my favorite ways to spend my days in the city during this time of year. And if you can’t get to Paris, here are ways you can Frenchify your Fall from your very own home!
Have you been to Paris in the Fall? I’d love to hear about your trip!
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If you’re looking for a more customized trip to Paris, you can book with me at Paris, Perfected.
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