What I Wear to Work

georgetown parasol share program
coach cognac leather tote, orange eyelet lace dress
taudrey social media plate necklace, lipp beautifully, selima optique amanda sunglasses
Dress: Ann Taylor | Shoes: Steve Madden | Tote: Coach | Sunglasses: Selima Optique | Necklace: Taudrey | Lipstick: Lipp Beautifully
Most of you know this, and some of you don’t: but yes, your girl does work a full-time job in addition to blogging. How to I balance a full-time job and a full-time blog? Coffee. Honestly, a lot of coffee. But that’s another story for another day.
I actually have a pretty laid back office environment, so I probably could have titled this post "What I Wear to Work When I’m Not Wearing Jeans." Contrary to popular belief, a lot of D.C. area workplaces are either straight up casual or business casual, so I really haven’t had to buy too many pieces to complete my work wardrobe post-grad. And no, I still don’t own a suit.
However, there have been a million instances where I have to go straight from work to a happy hour, dinner or blog event, and I also occasionally have to cover some government IT conferences via social media for le day job. Therefore, I need at least a few business-casual/professional pieces in my closet that are versatile, and can go from desk to drinks with ease.
When I saw this eyelet lace dress at Ann Taylor, I was in love. Ann Taylor is kind of a go-to for young professionals in this area; I honestly choose pieces from them in the craziest colors and prints to make sure I’m not accidentally #twinning with someone in the office, because it’s that popular as a Washingtonian. I opted for this dress in a bold orange, but they do have it in a navy for those of you who are a little intimidated by this vibrant hue.
Oh, and P.S. — I don’t work in Georgetown, *but* they have an amazing Parasol Share going on through the rest of summer. Next time you’re shopping, wining and dining in the area, pick up a free parasol to shield you from the sun while walking down M Street!

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