What I’m Looking Forward to After Quarantine

What I'm looking forward to after quarantineFloral wrap dress for summer
I feel like I’m starting multiple conversations each week with the words, "what a crazy time we are in". Anyone else feel the same way? And while a lot of the restrictions are starting to be lifted in a number of states, we’re still taking precautions in our household, including continuing to stay home as much as possible. So with that being said, I’ve got a light list of things I’m definitely looking forward to after quarantine.
I want to preface this list by making clear how grateful I am to first responders, doctors, nurses, even the individuals who are keeping spaces clean, plus all other essential workers out there. Y’all are the heroes, seriously. I also want to make clear that this list is lighthearted. I realize there are a lot of people out there facing adversity. Our family is extremely fortunate to still have our small businesses, along with clients, to have our health and have a roof over our heads. My hope is that you can daydream with me, too!
During this time it’s been super easy to get wrapped up in all the negativity, and honestly the fear. So I’ve tried my hardest to keep the anxiety at bay, by thinking about what I have to look forward to once we can return to some sort of normal.Market basket with a silk scarf

What I’m looking forward to after quarantine

Going out to eat at restaurants

Who would’ve thought something so trivial as going out to dinner would be one of the things I miss most. I miss hearing people laughing around us, smelling freshly made items and enjoying conversation with friends and family around the table with us.

Dressing up

This seems ultra frivolous, but getting dressed up is one of those things I’m really looking forward to. Honestly, I think it’s the sense of normalcy that comes with the routine of getting dressed up and doing my makeup or hair. Since we’re staying home, I haven’t worn a pair of jeans in ages and my handbags are definitely getting a breather. Perhaps I need to just get dressed up for an at home date night, right?

Spending time with family

This truly has been the hardest for me during this time. As an only child, whose parents both live out of state, it’s been difficult. Even though we live in different states, I usually see each of them during this season. Coupled with a variety of other occasions that make missing them easier, like my mom’s birthday, mother’s day, father’s day, my little brother’s graduation that’s since been postponed indefinitely… all these moments normally shared with my family have been a bit different during this season. Let me just say, when things get back to normal, seeing my family in-person is moving to the top of my to-do list. Rick’s family is in Texas, and we still haven’t seen them, either. It’s really eye-opening to think about how seeing them has become something that’s just not in everyone’s best interest right now.


If you’ve been reading along for awhile, then you’ll know I love to travel. So honestly, it’s the weirdest feeling to be ‘grounded’ at home. Traveling to see my family is quite common, so of course I’ve been bummed about that. But, Rick and I also love to travel together. If you remember this post from the new year, then you’ll know that we were hoping to take a trip overseas this year. However, we’ve tabled that for now.
What are you most looking forward to after quarantine?

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