What Fuels Me To Stay Active

Happy Wednesday everyone. For those of you who have followed my blogging journey you can see that I have a passion for living an active lifestyle. While some may see working out as something that is tedious and boring, I honestly look forward to working out everyday. Here are my reason that motivate me everyday to be active.
When I workout I just feel better. Running to me is the best therapy I can think of. Since I run in the mornings, it has become a great way to clear my mind, and mentally prepare for my day. There is nothing like blasting the music on the iPod, and dedicating time to a run.
I want to be a healthy role model to my family. One day when Todd and I have kids of our own, I want to engrave in their minds to practice a healthy lifestyle. Kids learn so many habits in their young years that they take with them to adulthood, and I want my kids to learn early in their life to stay active whether that be dance, running, or sports.
I gain so much natural energy from working out.
The most obvious reason: to look good ;)
Naturally I am a wiggly girl (meaning I can't sit still), and being active helps me get my wiggles out.
I sleep better after I workout.
I've told you what fuels me to stay active, and now you tell me your reasons :)