Wellness Wednesday: Snack Right with Fit Snack

Do you ever find yourself out on your day-to-day errands, and hunger takes you over? So consumed with hunger belly aches you quickly grab the first thing that crosses your path, and neglect whether it's actually healthy for you (this is a typical day for my husband). I refuse to allow my body to be fueled by garbage, and thus I carry snacks with me wherever I go. I usually stick with oranges and apples in my purse, but I have recently expanded my horizons when I got this Fit Snack box in the mail. I was completely blown away when I saw that it was filled to the brim with snacks. Nom-nom-nom! It was filled with protein powder, protein blondie, protein cookies, yummy somersault things, gluten free pancake mix, veggie chips (one of my favs), lentil chips, quinoa chips, and the list goes on! One thing I really loved about this subscription was that it gave me options that were low in their glycemic index, high in protein, gluten free, paleo friendly, and organic. All the snacks  came in packages that were the right size that I can throw in my bag, and I could munch on throughout the day.
Try Fit Snack today, and enjoy a complementary gift for J Petite readers!

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