Welcome to Dallas

Hey there...it's Jess! I promise I'm still alive!
Sorry for being MIA you guys, but we FINALLY MOVED!
Ya'll..... we are texans!
We officially moved into our new place after an 18 hour drive from Phoenix to Dallas on Friday! I can't even tell you how grumpy I was for the drive.
On Thursday night we went up to Sedona for one of my AZ bestie wedding, and it was a bittersweet moment. I was so excited to see my friend walk down the isle, but there was so many people at the wedding that I had to say my goodbyes to. I have recently learned that I am not one for goodbyes, and I become a slobbering-hot-mess-jess. The past couple weeks have been hell for that reason alone, and watching our friends move their separate ways breaks my heart a little more each time. After I said my goodbyes at the wedding I just cried and cried as we drove the 2 hours back to Phoenix. So many people there have become my good friends, and have helped me accomplish so many amazing things with my blog. Thank you thank to Brenda, Ashley, Ryann, Pearl, Pooja, and Vanessa for being apart of my blog, and being my friend!
When we woke up on Friday morning we got to packing up the last bit into our Honda. Todd should of been a Tetris champion with the skills he has for packing up a tiny car. We then drove over to our friends place where we went to say goodbye. Todd and I were visiting way longer than we should of, but it was putting off the inevitable. Saying goodbye. As we go in for the hugs I automatically go into ugly crying mode. Our dental friends have literally been our support system for the last 4 years, and friendships like that are never easy to see go. We love you and miss you guys Aubry, Justin, Val, Shawn, Rach, Brian, Britt, and Chris!
We get back to our apartment around 3 p.m. where we do the final cleaning, and give back our apartment keys. Since Todd is not the type to move fast, we didn't officially hit the road until 5 p.m. Since I am such an early riser I couldn't believe that we were going to drive the whole distance in 105+ degree weather. SHOOT ME!!! Todd was a champ, and drove us the whole way without any sleep. We got to our new place on Saturday at 3 p.m., and we both we DEAD tired to say the least.
We are finally at our new home, and I can't wait for our pods to get here to fill our empty apartment. I'm excited for this new adventure, and can't wait to see what Dallas holds for us!

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