Weekly Roundup

Styling Overalls I wit & whimsy
This week damn near did me in. I was overwhelmed and out of sorts. Want some key examples? Missing my subway stop, losing my keys only to find them in the front door and buying paper towels instead of toilet paper are a few great ones. I was struggling to screw my head on straight as I returned home to New York for what felt like truly the first time in almost a month. I was with a client for two full back to back days of meetings this week and then trying to play proper catchup on my inboxes. I am now looking forward to staying put for the entirety of April which has me very, very happy. I want to get back in the groove of real life and plan to spend much of this weekend cooking, reading, sleeping and cleaning. (Life in your 30s is riveting I tell ya!)
I hope you guys enjoy this week’s roundup and I’ll see you back here on Monday!
  • Practiced some self care. I’ve started going to Common Point for acupuncture and I am also doing another round of Gua Sha for my back to help with my chronic headaches this afternoon. I did it back in 2015 and truly believe it helped with my pain.

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