Weekly Roundup

Boyfriend Cardigan

I’m so relieved it is Friday. I need this weekend badly to try and reboot. It was one of those weeks that completely drained me mentally and emotionally and there were a lot of tears shed. I was so grateful I had all my blog posts done for the week and that I was able to reschedule some things on my calendar because my motivation levels were near zero. I have no plans tomorrow besides heading to mass but Sunday I’m looking forward to seeing a movie with some friends and then heading to the spa to get a massage and some R&R.
I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend-I’m grateful for your readership!


  • Started The Five Minute Journal. I’m excited to have a way to be more reflective. Have any of you tried it?
  • Last Friday I booked a trip to Australia for November! This was not a trip on my radar for this year but when I saw in a flight newsletter a fare for $600 Round Trip I bit the bullet and booked it! Send me any recommendations of where I should go in addition to Sydney and would love any restaurant recommendations, too!
  • Had a call with New York Cares to arrange a group volunteering outing – I’m hoping to get this scheduled on the books for next month so stay tuned for details if you’re NYC based. I would LOVE to meet you IRL as we do good in our community.

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