Weekly Roundup

June 8, 2018
I am so relieved this week is over! It marks the end of an insane few weeks and I feel like I’ll finally be able to breathe + reboot this weekend and in the coming weeks. I am also so happy as I am not traveling at all for the next few weeks which means I can continue to work on my new place (so much organization to do!) and really start to get settled in.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend & enjoy the roundup below! xx


  • Saw the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at The Met and WOW. Just wow. It was maybe one of my favorite exhibits ever. The level of detail that went into the planning of it from staging to captions to attributions…it was magnificent and I highly recommend it.
  • Checked out Butterfly Studio Salon’s makeover! I got my brows done and my lashes tinted and left feeling like a new woman. Thanks to Butterfly for having me in!
  • Put on a big event for a client yesterday. It was the last big thing in a series of a crazed few weeks as I mentioned above so I am relieved to have it behind me!
  • Popped by an event for Darphin who makes some of my favorite skincare products.

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