Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

Last week in London I learned the expression "shattered" which is used to describe being exhausted and I have to say that’s how I’d describe the past week! Between returning from London on Monday and battling jet lag, preparing for my move on Wednesday, actually moving and beginning the challenge of unpacking and getting organized, I am totally, utterly wiped out. This weekend I’m excited to be able to press pause on home things as I’m heading upstate tomorrow for the wedding of two good friends of mine. Let wedding season begin!
Happy June and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!


  • As mentioned…I moved apartments! I’ll share a bit more on why in a post next week but I’m glad to be getting settled into my new place. Roadway Moving made the experience seamless and I’m so glad I hired them after a friend recommended them. (The movers I used last year were pretty awful and often you’re hard-pressed to find a moving company New Yorkers will recommend!)

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