Weekly Roundup

Hair Bow

This week was so busy that by the end of Tuesday I thought it was Thursday! Yikes, haha. I was talking with girlfriends on Tuesday night about how this time of year always feels like such a marathon. A marathon of staying afloat, staying focused and just staying on top of work, social obligations, friendships and self care. It is tough. Who else feels this way right now?
The good news is that all the work this week was well worth it as I’m taking today off to spend it with one of my BFFs who is in town from California for the weekend! Even better is that another one of my college best friends arrives Sunday to hang with us! I am so excited. I always love having visitors and I can’t wait to soak up the best of Fall in the city with them this weekend. (And eat all the good things, of course!)
Hope you have a good weekend & I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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