Weekly Roundup


This week I was careful not to schedule too much and therefore I had solid hours in front of my computer to write and get $h!t done. By Wednesday I had accomplished so much on my to do list it felt like it ought to have been Friday! It felt so good. The past few weeks had been so packed that I constantly felt like I was in a hamster wheel and not making progress. I’m grateful for the weekend ahead at home before I set off for two back to back trips.
I hope you have a good weekend!

  • I took a Katonah Yoga class at Sky Ting and it was so different! It was all about honing in on your practice, holding different poses at length and getting uncomfortable with various forms your body can take. I felt so out of place the first half but by the end of the class I was feeling more stretched out and confident.
  • Treated myself to a massage. (I go to Ohm Spa and book on a M or T when they offer an extra 15 minutes for free! The promo is on the hush hush but worth it ;))
  • Went on two walks around the neighborhood and enjoyed this week’s beautiful weather.
  • Got back to the self tanner grind. I always avoid it but I’m translucent so it was high time. I use this one which is the most low maintenance way to get a bit of color in my opinion. It’s super subtle.
  • Are you going to watch the Royal Wedding? If so, here are cute ideas for a viewing party!

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