Weekly Roundup

Camel Coat
Thanks to a packed schedule of events and meetings this week, we’re suddenly to Friday! I felt so incredibly productive but I’m also ready to now collapse into my bed this evening. (Who is with me?!) This weekend I have a friend’s birthday party, a get together in Central Park and dinner with my girlfriends so it is going to be a busy but fun one.
I hope you guys have fun plans as well & that you enjoy this week’s roundup!


  • Hosted a fun evening of snacks + good stories on my roof with Blair, Erika & Carly. It was the perfect weather and a nice way to toast the end of summer!
  • Attended the opening party for a favorite French brand: ba&sh! It’s now on Elizabeth Street in Nolita.
  • Caught up with my friend Julia at one of our favorite neighborhood spots, River Deli.
  • Shot up on the Brooklyn Bridge which is such a massive commitment it only happens for me about once a year! And this week things went to pot a little as the secret shortcut entrance was blocked off thanks to construction so I ended up hoofing it for an extra 15 minutes of walking (read: sweating) and ended up with very poofy hair and a sweaty face. Fashion blogging, man – soooo glamorous! We’ll see how the photos turn out lol.
  • Booked a return trip to Scribner’s for next month – so excited!

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