So, a ton of you know via social media that I went to Coachella a few weekends ago. I have a post planned summing up my experience for that (spoiler: it was AMAZING), but prepping my wardrobe for the event was quite the challenge. I live in D.C., home to uber conservative and kind of boring fashion, so channeling my inner boho was a pretty daunting task. I picked up this hat from American Eagle specifically for the festival, and to be perfectly honest, I thought I would never wear it again. Welp, I was totally wrong! This hat is so incredible and it really is the perfect finishing touch to any weekend ensemble. Yes, I can say that I bought an item for Coachella and I actually rock it IRL post-Coachella. We all know how over the top Coachella ensembles can be, so this is #winning in my book.

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