We’re Having a Girl & So Many Thoughts!

Dress: HATCH x J.Crew (wearing a S/M) | Shoes: Schutz
I know that most of you already know, but writing it in an actual blog post makes it even more official. Quite honestly, I would have been thrilled with a boy or a girl, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to experience the other side. We cannot thank you enough for all of your kind messages, comments and DMs!
The question that I get asked the most is "how does Nate feel?"
He seems to be excited, but it’s hard to really tell if he has a full grasp on what is happening. He sees my belly growing and whenever the conversation comes up, he enthusiastically tells people "my little sister is in mommy’s belly," but does he really know what that means? I’m not entirely sure. I’m also a little less concerned about how he’s going to handle the adjustment, at least for now, but more about how we’re going to handle it. I think it’s because I know Nate will be fine. Sure, I’m sure it will take some time getting used to having this new human in the house, but we plan to do our best to make it as smooth as possible.
BUT US. All the things that I wrote about in my initial post are still very much a thing. Yes, I’m definitely getting more excited as the days go on, but I’m also getting more "oh my goodness. this is really happening." Like yesterday, for example, we spent the day in the city and Nate, who recently stopped napping, was extra special. And when I say special, I don’t mean in a great way. He was moody, cranky and more challenging than he’s ever been. I kept thinking: "oh my goodness. soon we will be having this situation + a new baby to tend to."  So yes, it’s moments like those, where I’m like "How in the world will we make it out sane and alive?!" I also know that there are parents juggling more than two small children, but hey just being 100% honest.
With all that being said, the main thing I keep reminding myself that in the grand scheme of things, it all goes so quickly. Too quickly. As much as humanly possible, I try to embrace and not stress over the craziness. I know life is about to get even more crazy and I hope with that (and some extra help, because let’s be real), I learn to let go even more.  As I’ve mentioned, Keith and I are both only children, so it’s going to be extra special to get to experience a sibling bond through their eyes. That’s the main thing I’m really looking forward to.

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