Villa D’Este, Lake Como

green and white striped dress // white handbag
Brixton "joanna" hat // Stuart Weitzman heels, similar but less expensive women fashion trends 2020
Michele Madison Deco Watch

Sorry for the break from blogging last week, you guys! I didn’t mean to take a break, but we were traveling and our internet ended up being really bad! BUT the good news is that I have a new blog post going up every single day this week!
Starting with today… this green and white striped dress was a perfect fit in Lake Como, Italy. Look at all of those gorgeous red flowers!!! I have never seen landscaping that beautiful (these were taken right in front of our hotel, Villa D’Este.) I also want to point out this white handbag – for a designer brand, it’s pretty affordable, and I love how retro it looks! It ended up going with almost EVERY single outfit I packed for Italy, so I was really excited. It’s a great summer handbag, and summer isn’t over yet!!
Speaking of summer, it seems like everyone else is already moving on to fall clothes and talking about pumpkin spice lattes, haha… but I am really holding on to the last weeks of summer. This summer felt like a whirlwind (probably because of our wedding) and I don’t feel like I truly ENJOYED the summer. So I’m not ready for it to end yet. Anyone else?!
Like I said, stay tuned because I’ll be blogging every day this week!

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