Vacation-Ready Floral Dress

Today I’m sharing a cute floral dress for your next vacation
Sunglasses and floral dress vacation outfit

Polka Dot Dreams

When I was three years old, I wanted to be Minnie Mouse. I wore polka dots every day and didn’t dream of leaving the house without a giant bow attached to my head. As an adult, I can say that I’m happy that my goals have expanded past becoming a cartoon mouse; however, I can’t say that my taste in clothing has evolved
much. I’m still a sucker for polka dots, and if it was socially acceptable for someone approaching thirty to prance around town with giant bows in their hair…I totally would. Scratch that. I’d probably still do it regardless of social norms. As soon as I saw the floral dress featured in today’s
vacation ready outfit
, I knew that it was the perfect adult-friendly Minnie Mouse dress for my
staycation in Orlando
. It may not have polka dots, but it puts a smile on my face and earns compliments every time I wear it on the town.
cute floral vacation dress red floral dress red floral dress for vacation
Red floral dress and tan high heels Nude Suede High heels red dress sunglasses woman smiling beautiful red floral dress sunglasses nude heels outfit

A Cheerful, Floral Dress for Any Vacation

While the gorgeous weather and luxurious resort amenities were my favorite part of our
romantic weekend vacation
, this
red floral dress
was definitely my favorite outfit of the trip. Of course, I absolutely love the cheerful red floral pattern and flattering cut (still fit after three days of stuffing my face with delicious vacation dinners haha), but I can’t get over the dainty bow details on each sleeve! This dress also includes a string that can be tied around your neckline to create an additional bow, but I opted to tuck them in to avoid awkward tan lines. As a lifelong Floridian, I’ve had more strange tan lines than anymore needs in their entire lifetime; however, the bow is an adorable feature for less sunny occasions.
red floral dress outfit for vacation Sunglasses smiling woman and nude purse with red floral dress woman walking red floral dress

Essential Vacation Accessories

In addition to packing low-maintenance outfits for vacations, I’ve made a new habit of only packing a small amount of accessories. After taking nearly half of my jewelry collection with me across the country multiple times (typical blogger haha), I realized that I really only wore the jewelry that I took out of the case on the first day. After that, I simply re-wore the same accessories for the rest of the trip. Thankfully, I was a little bit smarter for our staycation in Orlando, and I only packed one set of accessories.
metallic cat eye sunglasses
from Express (
under $30
) looked great with all of my looks, and
kindly let me borrow her
Gigi New York nude clutch
when we went out each evening. I loved it so much that I’m currently saving up for one of my own! I also wore the
Dogeared Accomplish Magnificent Things necklace
(a gift from
) all weekend long. The dainty gold starburst design was comfortable to wear in the heat, and it added an extra special something to every look.
Red floral vacation outfit nude heels blonde hair cute sunglasses blonde hair woman posing red floral dress nude heels

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