Vacation Mode Off

For all of those who have been so patient with me I can't even tell you how much I appreciate it, and that you continue to check my blog even though I have been somewhat absent lately. Let me just say vacation mode is off, and this blogger is back!! Happy dance time!
Life update time. Since Todd and I moved to Dallas 3 months ago I have been beyond home sick, and needed to come home to Utah. My cup has felt empty lately, and Utah was just the thing to fill it right back up. Last Thursday I woke up at the crack of dawn (what else is new ;) ) to get on my flight to go back home to Utah via Uber. I would have had Todd drive me, but the boy was on a 36 hour shift at the hospital.
I was lucky enough that my dad was able to come pick me up from the airport, and that he was taking two days off work to hang out with me. We drove back to his place where we hung out for a few hours until it was time for me to go get my hair done, and trust me it needed to get done!!! I LOVE getting my hair done because a) Bria my hairstylist is one of my besties, and gives us so much time to hang b) I love a fresh color !
Friday was spent hanging with another bestie, and her twins. Back in April I made a trip to Utah to document her birth story, and this was the first time I've seen the twins since they have been born. Seeing their cute faces made my heart burst, and I couldn't stop cuddling those sweet babes!
Saturday was filled with hanging with family, and celebrating one of my sisters bdays early.
My trip back home is exactly what I needed to remind myself that I have an awesome support system back home, and that I can always come back when I need my cup filled up :)

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