Utah Highlights

The moment has finally arrived where I pack up the little pup to drive back home. As I was packing I couldn't help but to get a little choked up, and feel like it was the first time moving to Arizona. Being home for a month and a half was so amazing, and gave me to time to think about what I want to do for our last year in Arizona.
Here are the highlights of my trip to Utah.
  • Teaching Pure Barre in Draper. Due to some unfortunate circumstances I am no longer teaching in Arizona. Teaching has become such an outlet for me, and being able to work at my home studio was just the thing I needed. I left Arizona confused and sad about where to go next with my teaching, and being back in Utah gave me that hope to teach at a new studio next year.  I live and breath Pure Barre, and am so fortunate to teach whenever I come home. I absolutely love and adore each member of my Draper team, and always feel sad when I leave them.
  • Artichoke cook off. At the end of the month my mom's whole side of the family gathered together to go head-to-head in an artichoke cook off. Artichoke dip, artichoke salad, grilled artichoke, spicy artichoke, baked artichoke, and the list goes on and on.
  • Hanging with my friends. It felt so good to see all my besties, and hang out like the good old days where summer loving was our main goal in life.
  • My huge shoot. Those of you who signed up for my newsletter got a little more insight to what the shoot was all about. I can't wait to show you the images in a couple of months.
  • Hanging out with papa Melendez. During my stay I lived at my dad's house in my old childhood room. My dad and I are extremely close since I am his only child. Nights were filled with grilling, and hanging out on the deck near the river.
  • Got to see one of my besties Shannon before she left to Jersey for a month.
  • Got to do an amazing shoot for a girl I love for her baby's blessing.
  • Did a pole class and silks class at Onyx in Sandy Utah. I still have the bruises on my legs from the pole class. I tapped into my inner "snake" as Kendall (my friend from PB) would call it ;)
Utah, it was real. I had so much fun, but I have a husband at home waiting for me. Until next time, aka beginning of Septmeber.

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