Unique finds

I’m so excited to partner today to share their site with you! I just recently discovered them and I’m loving the unique pieces I’ve been able to find there! Good news too! – As always, they have free 2-day shipping and free returns.
Camo print blazer – size small
Camo blazer // Sweater tank // Straight leg jeans
This camo blazer is unlike anything in my closet! It has a removable denim jacket trim – so cool! Creates a layered look without all the bulkiness. Zips right in and out and 3 easy button and loops around the neck.
Camo print blazer with denim trim
I love a blazer like this because there are so many ways to style! With jeans and a classic sweater tank you create a dressier look. Especially if you pair this with a chic bootie or heel. But then you can zip in the denim detail and create the cutest layered look for a casual style with leggings and sneakers.
Camo jacket // Sweater tank // Straight leg jeans // Mules, leopard print 

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