Two Affordable Pairs of Jeans I Can’t Stop Wearing

I'm a girl who really loves her denim selection. In the past year I have started wearing less distressed denim and more clean silhouettes and today I wanted to share two pairs of jeans that win over and over again when it comes to getting dressed every week. Both pairs are under $160 and well worth it given my cost per wear with each.
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Firstly, the AGolde Nico High Rise Slim Fit Jeans. These may be the most flattering pair of jeans I own. They slim everything out and I love how they look good with so many types of shoes. I sized down to a 27 which makes them snug but I think helps with how they wear, too. They really tuck everything in and they don’t ever stretch out which makes them a great jean to travel with. They just came out in a darker wash that I’ll most likely be picking up given how much I wear my current pair! Also wore them in Instagrams here, here & here.
Secondly, the Levi’s Wedgie Straight Jeans. I get questions on these every time I wear them on Instagram and truth be told I tried A LOT of pairs of Levi’s before I found these and fell in love. I wear them in a size 28 and they’re a little baggie like the mom-jean style should be. For just $98 you can’t beat the price and wear on these jeans.
I truly can’t stand jeans that stretch out with little wear and neither of these pairs do these which I think make both worth the $$$.
A few similar styles I have earmarked? These (love the color for summer), these, these (great with heels), these and these.
p.s. all my other favorite jeans and my favorite and most-worn shoes.

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