Trend Report: The Tunic Dress + 2 Classics to Keep in Your Closet

Trend Report: The Tunic Dress + 2 Classics to Keep in Your Closet

See by Chloe Tunic Dress | Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Bucket Bag | See by Chloe Platform Heels (On Sale 55% off in Black & Bordeaux)
As much as I love a perfectly polished sundress, this summer I’ve been experimenting with silhouettes and have learned to embrace the flow. There’s a time and place to "polish things up" but now, especially during these insane heat waves, it’s perfectly acceptable to go a little Mk and Ash and embrace your inner boho. Whether you’re simply looking for an escape from the heat or experimenting with trends and seeking a fashion-forward ensemble, The Tunic Dress offers a balance of both, with a hint of nostalgia and modern reinvention. Love the idea of a tunic, but afraid you’ll look like a total potato sack? Yep. My mind went there too. But with a few accessories and a great pair of shoes, this flowy-er than normal fit might just become your favorite summer staple.
Let’s start with a bold bohemian pattern. I for one am ALL for keeping things classic— a little black, lots of white, and a generous helping of neutral tones. But Summer is the season to embrace all things playful- keeping the classics for accessories, and going bright and bold! While it’s true I get the most wear out of some of my more "basic" pieces, I without a doubt feel more captivating and confident whenever I wear something vibrant. Whether that’s a fun print, unique silhouette, a statement piece, or something in between.

Don’t be worried about distracting details. Time after time we hear less is more, but whats the worst thing that can happen when you pair a playful pattern with some ruffles? The key here is finding balance. I love that this dress has both tie details and ruffles, and because it’s all in one pattern, it doesn’t come across as obnoxious or overbearing. When I’m wearing a piece that’s more quote, unquote LOUD, I’ll make a conscious effort to keep my accessories to a minimum. But depending on your style and how boho you’re aiming to be, you could go even further by layering on some bangles and really going for it with your jewelry.
Once you’ve tackled the tunic, now comes shoes and accessories. Nothing punctuates the perfect outfit quite like the classics. Looking for a piece to add to your handbag collection, that’s both timeless and well worth the investment? Start your search with Mansur Gavriel. I invested in the Tanned Leather Mini Mini Bucket Bag after finding myself in need of an everyday neutral option. And let me just say, this was one of my best fashion purchases to date. What started off as a bag that I thought I would wear "here and there" quickly turned to my favorite accessory that I now wear regularly, both day and night!

While most women drool over jewelry, my biggest guilty pleasure is shoes. Take the most simple outfit, style it with an incredible pair and you’re golden. Your average summer footwear consists of sandals and espadrilles, but we could all benefit from throwing an elevated option into the mix. My summer favorite? A Classic Platform Sandal heel. It’s much more fashionable than your traditional woven espadrille and although just as comfortable, looks 10x chicer. Of course, I styled mine with today’s tunic to balance out any boxiness and accentuate the boho vibes, but a pair of platforms go with just about anything. Denim? Check. Cropped Flares? Check. Mini Skirts? Check. Dresses? Of course.

Thinking of trying out the Tunic trend or investing in a few classic accessories? I’m linking this entire look with lots of look-alike favorites to inspire your own summer style!
xx Erica
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