Trend I’m loving: cardigan as a top.

There are some trends that come around that take me awhile to get on board with, like sock booties.  And then there are some where the second I see them, I am all in.  The cardigans as a top trend is one of them.  It popped up this fall and instantly I was here for it.  I just think it’s such a classic fun twist on the typical top and so perfect for fall.  You are seeing these styles pop up everywhere in every price range, so if you are interested in giving this trend a shot, you should be able to no matter your budget.  Here are a few tips for styling a cardigan as a top.
Opt for a v-neck.  If you want to look like you’re making a chic statement and not on your way to the library, try a v-neck sweater.  Also, it’s neck lengthening and will make you look taller. (Always a plus.)
Look for more fitted styles.  You don’t want this sweater to be oversized.  Nice fitted arms, just a touch of slouch in the midsection.
Look for cropped lengths. If you are planning to front tuck that sweater (I highly recommend) then opt for a more cropped length.  It will work much better with those high waisted jeans.
Don’t put a shirt underneath. The point of this look is for the sweater to be worn as a top, not as a top layer. This may be the only time I ever recommend this, but skip the layers on this one. If you find the v-neck goes a little too low for your liking, throw a nude cami underneath.
Make sure you wear it buttoned up. Hopefully this goes without saying if you’ve got nothing underneath, but just in case, wear it buttoned up for the full cardigan as a top look.
I’ve linked a bunch of great cardigan options below in every price range if you are wanting to give the trend a try. (Do it! It’s a lot of fun!)

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