Transitioning your LBD.

casual lbd
dressing down your holiday dress
lbd dressed down with denim jacket
perfect denim jacket
This dress was probably my favorite purchase of 2015.  And that’s saying a lot, because there were some very fantastic pieces (I’m looking at you London Skirt).  It was perfect for the holidays and I styled and wore it at least 4 times during the month of December alone. (It’s on sale by the way, run, don’t walk I bought a UK6)  But what always makes me sad about the end of the holiday season, is that there are no more reasons to pull out those pretty holiday frocks.  I love wearing them, (especially when they are a lace lbd) and because they are a bit more of an investment I hate not getting to keep getting some wear out of them…
Enter the denim jacket.  This is one of those magic wardrobe workhorses that has earned it’s golden child spot in your closet because, A. it will always be in style.  B. It’s unbelievably versatile- it goes with everything. and C. a good quality one never wears out.  (i.e. you only have to buy it once.)
This has become my solution to a myriad of wardrobe problems.  Throw a denim jacket over it.  Including, "I want to keep wearing my pretty holiday LBD without looking like I’m headed to the prom…" Throw a denim jacket on, pair it with some fun (I don’t take myself too seriously) pumps, and you’ve effectively casual-ized (I made up that word) your holiday frock.
Happy Tuesday.
ps. my Valentine’s post I promised Thursday is in fact coming.  I just had some real life busy, busy work to deal with all weekend, and I’m still busting my fanny to finish…
Happy Lover’s month everyone.  Go kiss your significant other.
lbd dressed down

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