Things I’ve Learned as a Boss Babe

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Life is all what about the lessons we learn, right? Whether they were from good choices or bad, there is still a purpose behind it all. Years as a boss babe has definitely show me quite a few lessons in running a business. Being bitter about lessons are pointless. You know that quote "you live and learn"? Well, it applies to so many aspect of your life and most definitely as an entrepreneur! Things I should do better, how to improve, and ideas that rocked are all part of it.
  1. Own a Planner System
I have the memory of ant. If I don’t write it down or put a reminder I will most likely forget. Owning a planner is an essential! Not only does it help with the million reminders that comes with being a boss babe, but it helps at staying organized. You need to have a system in place to help you achieve goals!
There are two planners I use. I have business planner from the boutique hub for all business related task that I need to keep track of. This planner has great section for reports I need to improve my business. From daily sales goals to inventory tracker, it has it all. This isn’t my everyday daily planner, but it’s just as important. My next planner is my happy planner classic. It’s the perfect size to tackle my daily todo’s and keep me on top of deadlines, personal or business related. I add every single thing that requires my attention to this planner.
2. Tackle 3 Task a Day
Who else creates a to do list or daily schedule like you have 3 clones and 125 hours in a day? I am guilty of this. There is nothing like checking off an item on your to do list. You will feel more accomplished if you break down those task in a more realistic way. I add 3 big task everyday. By doing this I free up my schedule more while still getting those important things accomplished.
3. You’re Going to Make Lots of Mistakes
You’re going to make lots and lots of them. It’s the honest truth! It isn’t always going to be sunshine and rainbows and not every decision will be good. I find it better to knowing this upfront than to go into a business thinking every single thing will work out the way you have planned. You have to learn to roll with the punches. To learn from them. But most importantly to let them go.
4. Negativity Only Brings Negativity
It’s true guys. It’s a hard thing to learn, because it will be a consent work in progress! It’s easier to be negative!! My parents always taught me to hang out with the right people because I will automatically attract their energy. You can’t go around negative and pessimistic and actually think things will turn around. It radiates! Not only will the negativity not let you see the good in things, but you will give off to customers or employees. And if that’s the case what’s the point?
5.  Cherish Those Good Employee’s
I’ve had a good fair share of employees, but there are those that truly, truly want to help you grow. They don’t have the mindset of just doing their job, they go beyond! They care about your business as much as you. Cherish them!
6. Schedule Free Time
As a business owner you work 24/7! You work at work, at home, you may even be in the shower thinking of ways to improve your business. But sometimes that grind needs to be turned off. And believe me it’s hard, but an overwhelmed and over worked boss babe gets nothing done. I get that you love it, because it’s really feels like your baby. But you need to block off time, for yourself and family.
Melissa Mom with Style Life Lessons as a Boss Babe
7. Continue Learning
You don’t know it all, plus things change. Always stay on top of new insights and new ways of doing things. There is so much information in improving your business from podcast, youtube training, or even blog post. Schedule time to learn! Keep learning in every aspect improves you as a boss babe! The company who I got my business planner from also has a huge platform with classes and courses you can take if you’re a boutique owner .
8. No Doesn’t Always Mean No
Take "no’s" as another avenue. When someone use to tell me no I went with it. The last thing I want to feel is as if I’m bothering someone. But just because there’s a no now doesn’t mean it won’t turn into a yes later. It just means you now need a different approached.  
Melissa Mom with Style Her Business Lessons She Has Learned
9. It’s Okay to Say F*ck It
I know you’re thinking I’m crazy! Didn’t I just write your business is like your baby? Yes! But sometimes parents also need a break or maybe a fresh start. It doesn’t mean you are done with it. It just means you’ve gotten to a breaking point that requires you to step aside, regather your thoughts and come back with a fresh new mindset!
10. It’s Not Easy But…
The road ahead isn’t going to be easy. But nothing in life is, right? You’re going to struggle, you may even feel like you’re going in circles. Sometimes it even feels like you’re doing everything wrong. Just because the road is bumping (and I mean zig zag type of bumps) doesn’t mean it isn’t rewarding. You will get to the other side! I’m still not totally there, but by the looks of it, it’s going to feel amazing
Are you a boss babe? What is one thing you have learned in your journey?

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