Things I’ve Bought and Loved Recently

Things I’ve Bought and Loved Recently

Hooded Cardigan I wit & whimsy
It’s time for another roundup of Things I’ve Bought and Loved Recently. This has been one of my most popular series since I launched it in 2018 and this edition may just be my most random yet! 2020 purchases are something, aren’t they? I’m making more home purchases than ever and still investing in clean makeup and skincare that brings me small doses of joy.
Hooded Cardigan I wit & whimsy
Hooded Cardigan I wit & whimsy
Celine Belt Bag I wit & whimsy
Hooded Cardigan I wit & whimsy

Things I’ve Bought and Loved Recently:

I am so picky about t-shirts because if the fabric is cheap it looks awful on my fuller chest. And those that stretch out easily or with little wear just don’t cut it for me. When Cuyana stopped making my beloved tee I knew I’d need to search elsewhere and so far I’m really happy with the Sezane Conrad tee which is part of their Essentials Collection. I bought it in white and I appreciate that it’s not to sheer and doesn’t require a tank to be worn underneath. And the fit is just right. Now too big, not too small. I’m wearing it in today’s photos.
I will be purchasing this again the moment it is about to run out as I am in love. I actually look forward to using it every night as I get into bed. I apply it to my inner wrists and then inhale slowly as I lay down in bed. I instantly feel calmer – so much so that is has become an integral part of my nighttime routine. I love the rollerball applicator and the scent so much and I appreciate that it isn’t overly priced like so many other aromatherapy products. It is truly the perfect dose of zen.
I had never tried Old Navy denim before and during a recent oder for a few other items decided I’d try them out and wow- color me impressed. They are a much higher, thicker quality denim than I was expecting and I really love these jeans! A good high waist and a flattering fit.  I’m wearing a size 4.
I’ve talked about these before but they rank high in great 2020 discoveries. So much so that I bought them in another version already.
I’ve talked about this lip oil so, so much this year in the clear Jellyfish color but I had to have it in Dip, too after I fell head over heels for it. Dip is the perfect pinky-nude for every day. I wear it around the house non-stop and find myself applying it before every Zoom.
Also from Kosas, color me majorly impressed with this clean mascara. I’ve tried *a lot* of clean mascaras and the one by Ilia is the only one to have previously gotten my stamp of approval. The Kosas one impressed me in testing the past two weeks because it majorly lifts your lashes. My lashes looked like they had been curled! The color is also a great jet black and I didn’t experience any smearing or flaking. If you like major lashes, definitely try this mascara.
This is the perfect neutral shadow to add a bit of every day glam without needing to do a whole eye look.
I wanted to see what all the Rothy’s hype was about but I never liked any of their previous styles until I saw these knot sandals. I ended up wearing them so much this summer! And now I am eyeing this pair of sandals next and their new lace up sneakers. I guess I get the hype now! Love that the styles are all easily washable. You can get $20 off your first pair when you use this link.
Ever get those underground pimples that hurt? These are for you. When I was battling maskne I was getting some deep pimples that barely made it to the surface. I started using these and I was instantly amazed at how they would draw them out. I would then apply an original Mighty Patch to finish the job and done and done – the pimples were eliminated. Also available at Target.
These revolutionized cleaning at home for me. They make cleaning the bathroom – especially the bath tub – so much easier!
I don’t know what I would do this year if a reader hadn’t recommended these earplugs after I wrote this post. Earlier this year I was trying to sleep during helicopters all night and a baby living next door and these changed the game. They work so well.
Definitely in my top 10 2020 purchases this True & Co bra and the one below, too. They are just so comfortable and yet somehow still supportive despite not having traditional underwire. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a sports bra but without the smoosh. It’s an actual dream to wear this bra.
This was specifically designed for DD+ boobs and I love it as it actually provides lift without traditional underwire. The straps are also adjustable!
This was one of many sports bras I have put to the test in 2020 in preparation for naming the best sports bras for bigger boobs.
A great sports bra for low impact workouts like yoga. I love that this sports bra is stylish but also supportive.
After Grace gave the LuvScrub a glowing review, I ordered one instantly. I tried it and then promptly threw out my loofah and color me in love with this exfoliating towel. I got the pretty blush color.
File this under favorite Amazon finds. These handy sponges immediately and effortlessly remove any pesky deodorant stains that may pop up as you get dressed.
I am always trying products to help give my roots a lift and I love this good-smelling powder. I also love that the formula helps to soak up any oil, too.
I’m still testing a variety of natural deodorants but so far this one is a winner. I love that it has activated charcoal to neutralize odors and has arrowroot and magnesium hydroxide to keep you dry. Even better? I really like the scent! It is lavender and eucalyptus!
Tired looking eyes have been an enemy of mine in 2020 and this serum majorly works to rid me of them. I apply it at night and wake up looking more well rested with less noticeable dark circles and fine lines which makes applying concealer and looking energized oh so much easier.
I had long forgotten about the Lululemon Wunder Under workout leggings but given the rate at which I wear workout leggings nowadays I bought a pair and WOW I love them. A great, supportive fit, the right length on me (I’m 5’5″) and a thick enough fabric without feeling bulky or constricted. I bought size 6.
It took me a few sizes to get this just right (I ended up sizing way down to an XS) but then once I got it right I loved this sweater coat so much. I know I will wear this longer version of my beloved sweater blazer so much.
I audibly gasped when I unwrapped these. They are so chic. When I moved I finally tossed my very, very old Target wine glasses I didn’t like and upgraded to these white wine glasses and the red wine ones linked below.
I love a big proper red wine glass and these were exactly what I was looking for. I really, really love the Crate & Barrel glassware.
I love how cloches look when styled in a home so was excited to finally get one for my new place.
My friend Alicia always tells me the best things about the brand Jenni Kayne and she loves the candles so for my new home I ordered the brand’s Topanga candle and ooo it smells like heaven. It features so many of my favorite scents: green leaves, vanilla, eucalyptus, moss wood, and grapefruit.
Blogger friends of mine have raved about this cleansing balm for years and I finally tried it and yep…wow. Not only is the smell intoxicating, this balm majorly deep cleans and melts away makeup and the day’s grit and grime from the face. Skin feels amazing after. I now understand why this has cult status.
I’ve been experiencing stress-induced scalp irritation this year so decided to try this super unique shampoo with the most interesting texture! It is designed to detoxify, exfoliate, soothe and balances your scalp. So far I really like it! I’ve been using it once a week.
The team at Eileen Fisher saw me post these pieces on Instagram Stories in my ongoing Noteworthy Fashion Finds series and sent them over and they are even better in person! The cotton quality is amazing and I love that it is organically grown by a third-generation New Mexico farmer. I had ordered a white lounge set a few weeks ago from an Instagram targeted ad brand and returned it immediately as the quality was so disappointing. Another example of you get what you pay for and I always love that Eileen Fisher pieces prioritize fit, feel and fabric. I took a Small in both pieces and the fit was great.

Mango Hooded Cardigan (S) // Sezane Conrad Tee (M) // Citizens of Humanity Rocket Crop Jeans (28) // Marc Fisher Boots // Celine Belt Bag

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