Things I’ve Bought and Loved Recently

Puff Sleeve Organza top I wit & whimsy
It’s time for another round of Things I’ve Bought and Loved Recently! You can see past installments here, here, here & here.
Puff Sleeve Organza top I wit & whimsy
Puff Sleeve Organza top I J.Crew Factory Sherpa Jacket
Puff Sleeve Organza top, J.Crew Factory Sherpa Jacket I wit & whimsy
Things I've Bought and Loved Recently - J.Crew Factory Sherpa Jacket I wit & whimsy
Things I've Bought and Loved Recently - J.Crew Factory Sherpa Jacket
Puff Sleeve Organza top I wit & whimsy
J.Crew Factory Sherpa Jacket
Obsessed doesn’t even cover how I feel about this candle. It smells like a Danish bakery from when I went to Copenhagen and gives my apartment the coziest most delicious scent.
I was looking for a compact way to add a little fun decor and personality to my kitchen and this fit the bill perfectly. Target does it again!
These leggings are as chic as leggings can actually be. Size down in this brand. I wear a Small. I wore them during my yoga retreat and love how they performed and now can’t wait to wear them in Australia.
This J.Crew Factory Sherpa Jacket has been one of the most popular items I’ve ever posted and for good reason. A great price, the perfect sporty style for the weekend and so, so cozy. I’ve been wearing mine so much since getting it earlier this Fall. I sized down to a size Small. Speaking of J.Crew Factory, I saw they added a lot of holiday-ready pieces to the site! This dress, this top, these shoes, this blouse (buying it!) and also how cute is this scalloped sweater & this bow coat!
I wore them in this post but I am so happy I finally bit the bullet on these. I sized up half a size and with socks on and they are perfect. Worn here.
Another pair I finally decided to buy after thinking about for over a year. These kept selling out last year and every time I’d go to purchase suddenly my size was out of stock yet again. I never ended up getting them as a result so as soon as I saw them go online this season, I nabbed them. And I have to say they are even prettier in person.
I can’t wait to use this handy tote that makes traveling with your hat not a giant pain.
At long last I found a solution to the stacks of books on my floor. Bought this and assembled it last week and am glad to have a home (that doesn’t take up much space) for all my books finally.
These chic joggers are the only thing I’ve ever been influenced to buy via an Instagram ad from a brand. I bought them in a Medium which are a bit roomy so could also probably have done a Small.
I have heard great things about weighted blankets so when I saw the same methodology applied to an eye mask I was intrigued. At first I thought I hated this for the initial few days I tried it and then I loved it and found myself sleeping deeper and without interruption on the nights I slept with it. It is too heavy and bulky to travel with but perfect for at home use. I am 100% hooked on it now.
I mentioned these previously but after seeing them at an Amazon preview event I promptly ordered them following my demo. They have Bose noise cancelling technology you can enable meaning I can finally have the best of both world when wanting to both drown out noise and sleep on long haul flights.
I am already trying to think of ways to improve certain bad habits of mine in the new year and think it is time I stopped grocery shopping on impulse. I’m hopeful this handy notepad will guide me to better plan what I will be cooking during the week and will lead to better food decisions and healthier eating overall.
I bought these in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Australia as I plan to do a lot of outdoor coastal walks and I will say the hype is real. I love how stylish yet functional these are. I’ve done a hike in them and had zero issues whatsoever with rubbing or any other discomfort.
These were a favorite item I bought from the most recent Shopbop sale. I’ve been wearing them ever since.
Not skinny. Not Straight. Just perfectly tapered and perfectly cropped. I’ll be wearing them in a post later this week if you’re curious to see them styled.
I keep reaching for this sweater despite it technically not being cold enough for it yet. It is so warm and cozy! I love how it looks layered under coats and blazers.
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Zara Organza Sleeve Top (Size L) // Levi’s Jeans (more here; Size 28) // M. Gemi Sandals // Gucci Bag

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