The satin skirt + sweater trend

The satin skirt + sweater trend

SWEATER | SKIRT (under $100, comes in 4 colors) | HEADBAND | BAG | SHOES | EARRINGS (sold out, similar linked) | WATCH
More often than not, seasonal trends don’t tend to make their way into my wardrobe in any strong way. I’ve always favored more classic and timeless silhouettes and styles, especially during this time of year!
But something about this season, in particular, has flipped that quirk of mine on its head. Give me all the padded headbands, and all of the satin skirts!
One look I’ve been particularly enchanted with as of late is that of the sleek, satin skirt paired with a chunky sweater. There’s something about the juxtaposition of such an elegant, ladylike piece next to a fluffy, cozy top that I am loving! And believe it or not, this is one look that is incredibly easy to replicate for yourself.
Whether I’m looking for a classic, timeless style staple or a seasonal, on-trend piece, I always look to Nordstrom. Their Topshop & Trend department always has a fabulous selection of young, stylish pieces no matter your budget. Plus, with free shipping and returns, I can always try out styles risk-free to see if they work for me!
That’s where I found this gorgeous satin skirt. I love the length, the color, and the price tag at under $100! It’s also where I found this perfect sweater, that I wore non-stop in France (see here and here) not to mention the perfect accessories to top off the look.
Nordstrom has an amazing selection of satin skirts this season, and many are under $100! I rounded up a few of my favorites in every hue for you below. If you haven’t yet, I highly encourage you to try out this trend. I think you’re going to love it!

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Don’t mind me… I’ll just be over here living in feminine, silky skirts and retro headbands all throughout the holidays. Here’s the important question – will you be joining me?
Love from Texas,
Thank you, Nordstrom, for sponsoring this post.
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