The Power Vested on the Vest

Ralph Lauren shearling Vest Mango DressLouis Vuitton mask bagMango stripped dressRalph Lauren Shearling Vest
Dress – Mango
Coat – Ralph Lauren
Hat – H&M
Sunglasses – Céline
Shoes – Gucci (gold)
Bag – Ralph Lauren
Hello, lovely people! I hope you are enjoying the New Year so far and sticking with your new resolutions. I hope you are at least fairing better than I did at keeping most of my resolutions, I should resign to not making any more.
So I am posting this look in the dead of winter, which doesn’t seem weather appropriate for NYC. Let’s talk a bit about the weather, because what is a fashion blog without a weather reference, perhaps a more creative blog, but seriously the weather has been all over the place. Mother nature has graced us with some occasional warm days this winter, which has thrown me off when planning my outfit of the day (ootd). For that reason, I still have my transition pieces ready for a surprise Autumn-ish day. Without beating around the bush anymore, that was my attempt at explaining why it was perfectly okay to be wearing these Gucci slippers and a Ralph Lauren vest this time of year.
On days that I wear this Ralph Lauren vest, I get so many questions and compliments and it kind of baffles me. I mean, I might be wearing my favorite dress or shoes with it and all day what people notice is this sleeveless coat. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining, just curious as to why this Ralph Lauren piece is such a hit. I know why I bought it, first, it was 80% off and second, I was in dire need of warm clothing at the time. It was from a few years ago, and I haven’t seen another one like it, so I suppose that explains the questions.
One thing I know you can still find in stores is this Mango dress. Guys, why did I always overlook Mango. Their stuff is legit. Good quality fabrics and stitching with a longer-than-a-year lasting power. I bought this dress on a whim since it was a knit dress and had some glitter to it, perfect for the holidays. The festivities are behind us, and I’m still wearing this Mango dress at least once a week. It’s funny how the simplest of things, such as a piece of clothing can brighten a dull day. That is what this dress does for me. I’m looking forward to wearing this dress on the gloomy days to come.
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Liz Lizo

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