The Power Of God

Feeling sleep deprived and a little emotional I decided that i needed to forgo taking a nap so that I am able to write down everything that is flowing through my mind.  Yesterday morning I witnessed the power of god.
   On Thursday I made the trip up to Utah to be present for one of my besties to deliver her twins. During her baby shower last month I told her that if she would have me that I would love to document her birth story as a gift from me to her. Since my friend has been there for me as a sister over the past 14 years I wanted to give her something that she could cherish all of her life. I was thrilled that she wanted me to be apart of her birth, and was counting down the days until I would drive up to Utah. I got the call that the babies were gonna be coming, and that they might have to induce her. Once operation baby was established, I gathered all my things to make the 10 hour drive to Utah.  Fast forward to Saturday night. I meet my friend at the hospital where I snapped a few pictures, and the waiting game started. We found out that she wouldn't be delivering until the morning, which is when her parents and I decided to go back to my friends place to sleep. We got to the house around midnight, and from there I feel asleep next to my phone waiting for the call to come. The next day I wake up to a call saying that it's time for me to go to the hospital. I leaped out of bed wearing the same thing I wore last night, threw on some shoes, threw in a piece of gum, and rushed to the hospital with my camera in hand. Hot mess Jess was out of the door within three minutes of the call. The way I looked in the hospital really called for a shirt that said "I woke up like this."  
 Once I got to labor and delivery they suited me up to go into the OR room where my friend would be delivering. When I got there I was greeted by the staff surrounded by her already pushing with a smile on her face. I found myself a little corner with a bench to document while being out of the way doctors and nurses. I have never done a birth story before, and was so in love with how much magic goes into delivery. So much emotion was documented from the strength of delivery, husband supporting his wife, mom seeing babies for the first time, and dad bonding with child. Once both babies were delivered I started to tear up once I saw my friends husband looking into her eyes telling her that she did it.  So much love went into making those babies, and bringing them safely into this world. Seeing new life enter this world gave me this deep feeling of faith, and the presence of god in my life. This experience was truly the most beautiful and amazing thing I have ever witnessed, and now have a new found appreciation for gods hand in bringing life into this world.