The Perfect Tassel Dress

Yesterday I started scouting around town to find places to shoot, and I can't believe how many fun colored houses there are in Lewisburg. Current score: Dallas -100 / Lewisburg - 1.
I saw this purple and orange house, and my little photographer heart started to sing out of joy. When was the last time you saw an orange and purple house? Me - never until now.
Simply Fabulous!
Enough about my love for fun colored homes let's get back to the outfit. I saw this dress on the Red Dress Boutique, and immediately I was like
"I want I want, I need I need."
For me to get so giddy about an outfit that is absent of color is a very rare moment for me. Normally an outfit pulls at my heart strings when I see vibrant colors, but this dress was simply perfect! You would never know that this dress was only $68 because this dress is so well made. If you are looking for a dress for your summer vacation then this beauty is the answer to your prayers.

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