Leftovers, what? Are you also a person who shoots 100 pictures every outfit and end up using just 5? Well join the club! Here's a selection of all unseen pictures or even outfits that I've never posted..
         | JULY 4, 2022
Hi folks! Not really a new outfit post today (I'm working on one) but you guys might enjoy this as well! I think some of you fellow bloggers might have the same issue; we shoot too many pictures during an outfit shoot. Don't we? Of course it's always better to have too much than less, but what to do with the other 95 pictures from the 100 you took? I usually delete most of them, keep a few that I like but never put it to use actually.
Some of you probably know that my old Macbook died, well it miraculously turned on last week and I got the chance to sort all my old files and transfer it to my new one. In that process, I came across a few pictures that I've never posted and decided to put them together for this post. Voila! All my leftover pictures in black and white, enjoy and have a happy weekend!