The Best White Jeans

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope the start of your week has gone well so far. Today I wanted to share with you my FAVORITE white jeans. These are hands down the best white jeans ever. I’m so picky with white jeans. Like, you have no idea. Ever since I’ve gained weight, I’ve hated wearing them. But I love them. So it’s a love/hate relationship if that makes any sense?
A few weeks ago, I went to Nordstrom and was looking for some stuff for Dallas and the sales associate recommended that I try this pair on. I was hesitant and didn’t end up trying them on. But came back two days later and tried them on. I AM IN LOVE! They’re 98% cotton so they hide the cellulite or any unwanted curves and edges you might want to show. But, they still give your body shape. They’re also super soft and easy to put on (no crazy pants dance needed). I wasn’t paid to post this, I just wanted to let you know because I am honestly in love with these jeans!
Also, I posted this top over the weekend. While it’s not available on Shopbop anymore, you can preorder it here. The price is kind of high but I promise the quality is amazing and it’s a top you will have forever! I eventually want it in another color (maybe blush!).
Lastly, these booties. Ah! I’ve worn them every day since I got them. They’re so comfortable and the color is perfect. They also come in white but I prefer the nude color!
I hope you all have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by! xo

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