Sunny day dresses.

striped hat pink bag
striped hat white summer dress
striped navy sun hat
striped sun hat
the hat part 2
To say we’ve had a very sunny spring would be an understatement.  I keep looking around and asking myself if I’m still living in Seattle.  Sunny weather gives me the perfect excuse for a pretty spring dress, (not that I ever really need an excuse to wear a dress, if we’re being real) and there’s nothing I love more than a dreamy white dress for the warmer months.  When I found this one, and it had sleeves(!) I died right then and there.  A white shirtdress had been on my closet list for years…  This one was worth every full price penny I paid for it, but should you be so inclined, it’s on sale now plus an additional 50% off.
Would you like to know something about me?  Well, I’ll tell you anyway. ;-)  I’m a little hat-conscious.  (Like self-conscious but with hats.)  I used to feel mortified in anything more than a ball cap, and even then I felt a little presumptuous.  A few years ago, I decided to follow Eleanor’s advice and hats were one of those things I wanted to conquer. (one of the more frivolous things-I promise I’ve conquered greater fears than headwear)  Since then, I ventured into fedoras, panamas and sun hats, but this striped number is definitely the boldest I’ve gone in the hat department.  I felt a bit like I was headed to the derby, which I’ve pretty much never done (unless you count the pinewood one) and while venturing out in a hat like this takes a bit of chutzpa for me, it was fun to feel a little glamorous on a Thursday.  Also, I think this hat is going to be so perfect for all those beach/lake days this summer.  I literally cannot wait.
white dress pink bag striped dress

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