Sun-kissed spring.

linen trousers
peach panama hat
spring layers
stripes and wide leg linen pants
spring outfit linen trousers
We’ve had a very lovely sun-kissed spring this year; the weather’s getting warmer by the week.  (Now that I wrote that, it’ll probably turn cold and start raining.)  I adore these transitional seasons, don’t you?  Fall and Spring.  That’s where it’s at.
I don’t know if it’s part of the female condition, or just part of being me, but I go through periods in my life where I feel weepy.  It’s not exactly sad, in fact, it’s not sad at all.  It’s more like I feel too much.  Everything seems to make me well up and spill over.  Right now, it’s one of those times for me.  Everything feels very raw and real, and sweet, and good and sad, kind of all at once.
I’m sure there’s some scientific hormonal explanation for why it is I go through these periods of intense emotion, but I’m not really interested in them.
To me they are a gift.
It’s so easy to fall into life isn’t it?  To fall into just doing the things that need to get done.  Glorfying busy, glorifying hustle and drive.  Focusing on the numbers, on the lists.  Going here and there, never looking other people in the face, never letting yourself feel their humanity, or your own.  When I’m in one of these periods, I feel my own humanity so acutely.  It’s such a gift.  Because when I feel my own humanity, when my heart is soft and vulnerable, I can see the humanity in those around me much easier, and it’s much easier to feel patience, compassion and love for others, and, in truth, for myself.
I don’t really know where I’m going with this, but sometimes you just need to send your thoughts out into the universe and let them live out there.  So here you go universe, a little piece of my vulnerability.
stripes and wide leg

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