Summertime in New York with Kate Spade NY.

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3K7A0336_edited-1 ice cream in the city
Dress. Shirt.  Shoes. Watch. Bag. (c/o) Sunglasses: similar here.
Even though spring is in full bloom, we got a taste of our first truly warm weather a week or so ago and now, I’ve got summer on my mind.  I know hitting the road is all the rage this time of year, traveling to-and-fro to all places exotic, but in these warmer months when the rain has finally cleared up, all I want to do is stay right here and soak up every single fabulous summer vibe.  Summertime in the city is magic, and after all, #vacationisastateofmind.
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kate spade summer dress and flowers
My first ever trip to New York City happened smack dab in the middle of July, and now every summer in the city reminds me a little of all those warm sunny days walking the sidewalks and falling in love with NYC.
What is summertime in New York?
It’s dining alfresco in Little Italy, people watching at Bethesda, popping into a boutique in Soho, and spotting lightning bugs at dusk in Central Park.  It’s taking the slow way, walking the entire highline because you can, ducking into a coffee shop during a sudden rain shower.  It’s crowded subways, and wild cab rides.  It’s a quiet afternoon at the riverfront on the Upper West Side, it’s a ferry ride to Staten Island.  It’s ice cream at Serendipity.
It’s everything all at once.
And even though we’re on the other side of the country, my city has it’s own kind of magic.  And it’s not all that different.
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Summertime in Seattle, is listening to Michael Buble’s "Something Stupid" on repeat while I pop into the market for fresh flowers. It’s exploring the city in the open air.  Riding my bike down the whole waterfront, watching the sea lions play in the sound and the ferris wheel turn.  It’s popping into the aquarium or riding a ferry to the island.  It’s going at a slower pace, and stopping for a treat.
ice cream with kate spade details seahorse
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kate spade seahorse dress on the waterfront
What I love about Kate Spade’s gorgeous summer line is that it’s everything I want to wear and feel like everyday during the summer time.  It’s pretty twirly dresses in fun vacation-inspired prints. It’s bright easy blues and crisp whites.  It’s soft cottons and drapey silks.  It’s quirky accessories and gorgeous handbags.  It’s bustling city, meets coastal getaway, with just a touch of a central park picnic.  It’s an escape from the ordinary.
kate spade seahorse dress
ice cream in a blue dress
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It’s summertime in New York where,
vacation is a state of mind.
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more beautiful favorites from Kate Spade’s summer line:
ice cream in the city with Kate Spade

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